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Electrical accessories connection

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I'll be installing heated grips soon and I'd like to install a 12V plug for phone charging. I know there's accessory wires under the left faring. I've heard they only go to a 2 amp fuse but I have not pulled the seat and looked (2015 model). That's only 24 watts. The grips pull 4 amps so would think the fuse would blow easily.

Anyone have experience, or problems, with using the factory wires? Maybe they're stout enough to allow a larger fuse, but I don't need a fire under the seat at 70 mph.
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Not worth the risk, IMO. Run a relay and use the factory wires for its trigger. Use an inline fuse between the battery and the relay, as close to the battery end as feasible.
And yes, it is a 2amp fuse for the accessory circuit. Fuse 2 in fuse box 2.
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Thanks Jekler. That 2 amp circuit must be for just activating a relay since that's not enough watts to do much else. I'll need to see if the factory plugs are round or flat and look for a relay and locate a mounting method.
The factory plugs are round. Not sure of the exact size, but the red-sheathed crimp-on bullets fit. There's a male(-) and a female(+). I use it for my USB adapter to charge my phone.
It's an old thread and I'm in no mean an electrician but would a 5amp fuse would work instead of the 2amp fuse? The wiring seems to be the same as many other cables on the bike which are fused higher (???)
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