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Did my own Custom Seat

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I put on a set of risers today giving me 1 1/4 up and 1/2 back. I immediately noticed a more neutral feel to the bike. Having to use less of my core grabbing the tank with my knees it just feels better with my 5'6" frame.

I also did a custom design of my seat, took out the sport waterfall and con-caved the seat. Was going to send it out to Seth Laam but turn around time was to long and did it myself.

Used a electric knife to cut about 1 1/2 off, then an angle grinder to concave the seat and finished with a palm sander. I purchased a 1/2" of high end memory foam and covered the existing foam. Just returned from a test ride, great seat no more pressure. Brought the seat to a professional to have it covered.




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You sir, are a craftsman.
Necessity is the mother of invention.
Nice work. Did you work in the prison upholstery shop, or just naturally gifted?

Just joking about the prison. I had a tour of our local prison and the upholstery jobs were the most sought after.

On the positive side, the guys were highly talented. Professional level , and then some.

On the negative, they were all of our local serial killers, murderers and serial rapists. They only put guys with life sentences in the shop because it took so long to be good at what they did. Your already at their level, minus the horrible crimes.

The highest compliment for good upholstery work, with my group of friends, is to say, "Thats prison level" You'd say this when you lean into your friends new Jag and notice its seats. You sir, are "prison level".
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Nice work!
Thanks guys, the stock foam contours well with a angle grinder, it doesn't tear or leave holes if your patient.

Just returned from a 240mi ride today. The seat distributes the weight evenly with no hot spots or pressure.
I just want to know two things. How much and when can you make me one. LOL :)
Yes, nice job there. And good pix. Makes we want to try it out myself. Thx for posting.
I just want to know two things. How much and when can you make me one. LOL :)
It took about 2 hours, total cost was $120.00. Foam, Glue (90.00 to cover) I'm going to purchase a Pneumatic Stapler Gun so I can cover myself. Can't get those darn staples in without one.
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