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Destination .. Duluth, Minnesota

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882 kms today which is approx 500 miles and change. Came into Minnesota southeast of Winnipeg, MB into Warroad, MN. Some lonng straight stretches coming up to the border but a good time to .. make time !

Warroad is a nice place. Headed east along the border towards International Falls. Good hwy. No twisties. A few long sweepers tho. Had to create my own 'twisties' within my own lane along the way to break up some of the long straight stretches. Road for nicer to ride on as I approached Int' Falls from a sport touring perspective.

Travelled down Route 53 all the way into. Duluth. Very nice area going thru Orr, MN. Was some road construction. Don't like the grooves (milled) roads just prior to paving but that didn't last too long. Good hwy driving otherwise.

Bike ran great. Have fun with the roll-on power. Serious case of bike butt tho. Needed a break off the bike about every 1-1/2 to 2 hrs which added to the day's overall length. Don't know if a new seat is warranted OR I just need to get into riding shape. I'm thinking the latter so going to give the orig saddle some more time.

Kept track of my mileage but haven't crunched the numbers yet. It's looking like around 45+ mpg. Will do a follow up with actuals.

Sorry, no pix. Tried to push thru a long day. Maybe on the way home I will show some of the sites.

All in all a great day. Long day but always a good day when on two wheels !


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Averaged 48 mpg (imperial gallons). Got a new all-time high of 56 mpg.
Couple of pix ... Lake Superior in the background and one of two tunnels up the north shore of LS. A nice ride up north of Duluth along the lake.
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.. couple of pix
.. sorry .. picture upload not working
wish you had some photos?
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