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Defeating Traction Control

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I have heard the KTC feature can be turned off. Is this true? Just curious.

I just had the dealer complete the first service ... had 640 on the MC.

All is well, except me...head cold sucks. I am ready to thrash the beast....
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Turning off the KTC

The dealer told me the KTC has four modes....1,2,3, and off (1 is the default). When the bike is started, it will be set to 1, which is the least intrusive setting. If you want to turn it off, you simply navigate through the settings until you get to off. Once the bike is turned off, it will revert back to setting 1.

Ok thanks for the info bobva97007. I may see what no KTC feels like some day.
2014 is the first year of Ninja 1000 to have traction control and the possible settings are;
off, 1, 2, 3
However, ABS * CAN NOT * be turned off via a switch.
It can be defeated by doing a quick burn-out although I really think it would be silly to do so. When you turn off the bike it will be back on by default as it was not designed to be disabled.
Setting 3 is the most intrusive.
Yes. Think of TC = 3 = RAIN MODE !

Also, the bike remembers whatever the last setting was upon startup, so in that sense, their is no "default".
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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