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Damaged 2015 Ninja 1000 on craigslist

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So I found this today and couldn't believe that this guy would ask this much. 2015 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Is it me or is this just way to much for a bike with this kind of damage?
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Thinking with damage to the ignition, scratches on the fairings and throughout, it was maybe stolen and dropped. I couldn't see paying that much... not without thoroughly going through it and getting repair estimates. Kelley Blue Book puts it at $6,580 trade in value... if it was in good condition.
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They do say 8k or best offer...

I agree that it isn't worth anywhere near what they are asking and likely has a salvage title even though it says clean.
I saw a brand new blue one, last month, at 8699.00. New, warranty. Obviously otd price would be another thousand, but still.

Even at 5000, the damaged bike will be a hard sell.

Plus, if its worth that much, go ahead and fix it yourself and make the money yourself?
I have fixed downed bikes before but being that this is a newer bike it will cost more to fix. If I can get this thing for really cheap I might do it. I think it will really depend on what the title says and how cheap he will let it go.
Finally talked to the guy and it was recovered by a impound company. They said this is how they got the bike. As soon as he said that I just said never mind. God only knows what the original owner did to this thing before it was impounded. It was not stolen they said and it was a clean title. So you know the owner just beat the **** out of it till they got it. Explains why it was so beat up. I just wondering if he put something in the tank to mess up the motor. Anyway I said pass on this.
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