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Crappy riding conditions...

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So I decided to take the beast out for a "casual" ride today on the back roads of San Diego County. First off, I got caught in a high wind area that I though was going to blow me into the opposing lane. Double trailer sand truck coming the other way blew sand all over the friggin place including me. As he was approaching I could see the wind blowing the sand out of the trailer like a hurricane. Moved to the right but it did no good.
As I continued on my merry way, I came around a nice sweeper curve. Under some shade trees I hit a pot hole the size of of a moon crater. There was nothing I could do about it...it was hiding in the shadows. It just about rattled my teeth out but I have to say the bike took it in stride. No loss of control, no bad suspension reaction. I was impressed. I hit it so hard though that I decided to pull over and make sure I didn't been a wheel. All was fine. Bike rode normal. Then about 10 minutes later I felt the sting of a been under my chin strap! What next?? I just said the heck with it, headed for home and called it a day. :mad:
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Cut your losses.
You were given 2 warnings before the bee sting.
Ouch, that was a tough ride. I'm more worried about your bike than you, haha. :D
man that sounds terrible... days like that it is time to cut bait at watch motogp reruns.

Isn't it weird that sometimes situations like that align against you when you are on a bike ? I hit a frikin truck bumper spread horizontal across my lane about 20 years ago... I never have had to avoid a bumper before!

Although one time in 2004 I was driving my brand new wrx and a beat up old pickup had several garbage bags blow out of his bed. They were full of cans! when they hit the ground the exploded like cluster bombs across 4 lanes of expressway! it was a sunny day so they looked like white hot spots everywhere. No time to react , no place to avoid and hit them too. I had to pull over because I had picked one up in the brake caliper!! it shut the whole interstate down.

sand, birds, bugs, dodges - pretty much everything has hit me at one time or another!
Hey West Coast I was out and about in north county SD (Lilac, Couser Canyon, Rice Canyon, De Luz and Sandia Creek) today and had a pretty good ride... can't beat 82F in December... :)

Every once in awhile I'll have a day like you had though... better to call it a day than test fate I tell ya!
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Come out here to Nebraska and try to ride. Snow, ice and a high temp today of 1F. I'd love to have a day like yours. At least you can get the bike out.
Good call to pack it in..... A few years ago a buddy pulled my Tuono out to Palm springs . We rode all over SD County, I loved S2 near Anza-Borrego Desert State Park... It was nice riding in the middle of the winter
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Need to get out on a run as well, this week looks great having just seem the weather forecast for this week on ABC7!
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