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Couple of good products you should try

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So I am not one to complain if I don't like a product. But when I find something I do like, I'll share it.

First, I use the Sena SMH10R. Love it, absolutely love it. The only thing I had to do was to have it turned up almost as loud as it would go because I always wear ear plugs when I ride. The only issue is, the little speakers the Sena comes with are not that good from a sound quality perspective. Sena makes this adapter to use ear buds if you want.

Earbud Adapter Cable - Sena

All you do is unhook the speaker connector and plug this in. Then you can use ear buds. But what ear buds can I use if I use ear plugs?? Well, this is the best part. This company makes ear plugs that block 25dB's. That's a good set of ear plugs. But the neat thing is they also have a small hole that let's music go right to your ear. Got them and used them on a 250 mile trip today. Wow are they good.


I got the 'Executive' ones for $24.95. These are very comfortable, sound very good, and they block a lot of the wind noise. If you want some details on installation, PM mean and I'll show you what I did. Putting the helmet on and keeping the wires short can be tricky. But I have the bud wires tucked into the helmet pretty far and they are not too bad.

Lastly, my bike was a mess when I got home. I broke out the detail spray to clean it up. Bought this stuff from Chemical Guys. Works amazingly well.

Chemical Guys - Extreme Slick Synthetic Detailer (16 oz)

So there you go. A couple of products I have used that work very good. I know there are other good ones out there. But I tried these and they worked well enough for me to want to share.

Ride safe out there!!
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Thanks T.. May give that detailer a try.
I got all excited for a second, because since the last two firmware upgrades, my Sena SMH10 had to be turned all the way up, for the same reason, I wear custom fitted ear plugs. Then I got depressed, because the accessory you linked won't work for mine. A little searching though brought me to this

Helmet Clamp Kit – For Earbuds with Attachable Boom Microphone & Wired Microphone - Sena

which would work awesome. Now I just need a new set of custom 'plugs with integrated buds.
I had no idea the earbud adapter existed. I was just thinking of something like this today. I've had a 10R since Thursday and the speakers suck. I'd much rather have ear buds if I plan to listen to music. And trying to use the intercom at anything over 50 mph is an exercise in futility with ear plugs. I'll order one this week. Thanks!
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Great write up!

I have the Sena s20. Things are complicated but they do everything but whisper sweet nothings in your ear.
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