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Cornering clearance

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I'm enjoying laying my 2014 further over in corners, I haven't touched down metal yet, but am very close ;)

So a few questions to the riders out there who like their corners, the footpeg scrapers are first to make contact with the road, yes ?

If anyone has cut the scrapers off, or swapped the pegs for after-markets, does the (stock) exhaust make contact with the road before the end of the footpeg itself does ?

Happy sweepers
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You don't have to cut the feelers off, they will unscrew from the footpeg.
I installed lowered footpegs, and they touch down much sooner now, kind of keeps me on my toes. I'm coming from a v-twin, so the extra width of an I4 is taking some getting used to.
I'm not sure what would touch down next after the pegs, but if you can do that, your bad *** ;-)
On the older ones, it is possible to hit the front of the right exhaust pipe. Left? I dont know. I dont like left turns.
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