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Cobrra Nemo 2 Chain Oiler install/review

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I picked up one of the Cobrra Nemo 2 Chain Oiler from the US distributor that I know from his excellent work on BMW K16. Herman's company is Wings & Wheels and he is the US distributor for several products from the EU. If you are looking for Wilbers shocks then he is the man to go to.

The Nemo 2 is a very well built chain oiler. It is very simple in execution and beautiful in design. Basically it is a mechanical semi-automatic chain luber. You mount the reservoir where you want, fill it, a quick twist pressurizes the dispenser nozzle and away you go. It is really that simple.

The reservoir holds enough oil for about 1,500 miles (so they say) and that will depend on riding conditions. In rain you'll want to lube more. The install is quite simple. I spent more time running the dispensing tubing and adjusting the nozzle than anything else. I mounted it to one bolts for the clutch lever, set the reservoir horizontal during riding and did a few test feeds. I think beginning to end it was about an hour total time. I could likely do it in 15 min though now that I know where I want to mount everything.

Now the lack of a centerstand isn't as much of a PITA since I don't need it to lube the chain now. I have very high hopes for this device. It looks very well constructed. It costs a bit more than the TUTOROs I've used on other bikes but I like that it uses a pressure feed so it will be less sensitive to oils used. No electrical stuff to deal with like the Scott lubers. For me it is like the Goldilocks of lubers.

It might be a touch more than I'd like to spend but after seeing the quality of it, the attention to detail and the "bling" factor, I am very satisfied with it. Being an anal retentive engineer about some things I do see where it could be improved a bit but overall it is pretty sweet.

I have reached out to Herman to see if he might be able to do some sort of group buy if there is enough interest. PM me or note your interest here. Since I've already bought mine (2 actually) no benefit for me but I'd be glad to help everyone else out. I'll be posting pics sometime in the next few days.

Here is the link to the item at Herman's website and the manufacturer's main web page. They are $149 retail.

Wheels and Wings, LLC US Importer of WILBERS Shocks for Motorcycles and Sportscars by HermanUSA - Cobrra Biker Products

NEMO 2 - device for lubrication of motorbike and quad chains | Cobrra
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Ok - just finished up a LONG ride today. I put on about 700 miles in about 10 hours of riding today. I encountered rain 3 times. Stuck in 20 mile long traffic jam on the 5 heading north of Bakersfield and that was far better than the people that were heading the opposite direction.

All I can say is this thing is the bomb. Man it words great. Just a little twist pressurizes the dispenser and starts a lube session. A bigger twist extends the time of the session which is great for rain. Just like my experience with the Tutoro, once it starts lubing the chain it naturally cleans itself quite nicely.

I hadn't cleaned the chain since about 900 miles since before I started this trip so it was fairly dirty but not incredibly so. After the first fuel stop it was much cleaner. By the end of the trip, it looked like it I purposely cleaned it with a brush. I use ATF on my past bikes and it seemed to work great. My V-strom chain has 25k miles on it and has only been adjusted twice. The first time was shortly after the install of it and that is with a lot of gravel and dirt road riding.

I even had to do some of that today when my wife got lost while driving our car and I had to turn around and ride through the dirt for quite a few miles to find her. The other side of the interstate was a parking lot so I rode out into a field and went opposite of traffic to find her. Once back on the freeway I did an extended lube session and it got ride of all the dirt.

I planned on taking photos today but I got off to a late start and had a lot of ground to cover today. I'll be doing an install on my son's bike this weekend. He gets and early X-mas present.
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