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Clock / Odometer

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When I first Got my 14 N1K in January there was a place that showed the time, and if I remember corectly it was in the spot where the odometer was.

I tried pushing a few buttons to try to figure out how to set it but it went away and now i've seemed to have lost it.

What do I do to get it back and how do I set it?

I've missplaced my owners manual btw or I would refer to that.
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Push the down arrow on the left side panel on the handlebars. If you push down it will do the bike temp and the time. If you push up it toggles your odometer, trip a, trip b, mpg, avg mpg, and miles till empty.

Also a not so know thing. If you push the mode button while the throttle is nearly off you can push the buttons to change the traction control and/or abs levels while you are driving. Takes a little practice but a nice feature.
Also to set the clock you need to select the ODO mode first then press reset for few seconds.
Check this video for the Ninja 300 but is similar in the Ninja 1000.

Good luck.
Figured it was an appropriate time for a bump, post # 3 starts the clock reset.
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