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Before 2012 I never rode, never thought of really getting a bike myself... I dunno, just never put any thought into it... so, my wife wanted a bike, and as a good husband I got one myself as well :) ... I did want 1000 right at the beginning but as I was suggested, it was too strong of a bike for me who was just starting... so I listened

In 2012 we both got '12 Ninja 650 (brand new) as beginner riders after taking MS Class in local community college.

After 10300 miles and 3+ years of riding 650, we had to part ways... it was a good intro for me into the world of my new hobby but it was time to move on. I am 6'3", 2015lb so you imagine 650 was too small for me right from the get-go, but like I mentioned many said "do not go with a liter bike as a starter, trust us!" so I did...

End of June I ended up getting 2012 Ninja 1000 with less than 1300 miles... looks like bike was owned by an adult who had more bikes in his garage (track bike, road bike, road-trip bike, etc.)
Bike was very well taken care of and it came with the Yoshimura fender eliminator, and V+H exhaust which sound I LOVE!

So far I've put about 250 miles in the past couple of weekends, and I must say - it is a joy riding it! Did I mention it is a head turner too ? :)

Plan to get Yoshimura foot pegs (unless you recommend some other brand), also frame plug set, and maybe some other stuff I find ... windscreen I plan to get either dipped or wrapped in vinyl or something... we'll see...
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