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Checking Out The Ninja 1000

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I presently own a Ducati Diavel 2011 and I am looking to add a second bike that complements my Diavel. The Ninja 1000 would be a nice fit so I am trying to learn as much as I can by joining the forum. Glad to be here.
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Thanks for joining us... pretty friendly crew around here, if you have any questions we'd be happy to help.
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Why are you considering the N1K? That might help people give you some helpful advice. I am multibike owner and will be taking delivery of mine next week. I can't add a lot of in the saddle experience but I did a huge amount of research before pulling the trigger.

If you want a pretty fast, good handing, sport touring (more emphasis on sport than touring) then the N1K is a pretty good option. Based on my test ride they really focused on very usable power but geared the bike a little too short for optimum highway cruising. One of the first things I'll do is go up a tooth on the front sprocket to give it a bit longer legs.
I really like my Diavel because it has ABS, ride modes and traction control- all of which are adjustable for specific ride set-ups. I also like it for its looks and performance.

I never had an inline 4 and would like get one at some point for their performance. The N1K, has ride modes, traction control and ABS so that ticks those boxes. I like the fact that it has a full fairing and of course a comfortable riding position without the forward lean of a true sport bike- my lower back could not withstand a full on sport bike. I would be using the bike more for single day riding and not touring but that is nice option to have which I currently don't have that with my Diavel.

So the N1K has the sport bike performance and tech and easy ergo riding position. It is looking like a very good option.
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I think you've hit most of the key points of the N1K. Factor in it has good, solid low-end to mid-range and enough top end rush to be fun. There aren't a lot of bikes much stronger than the N1K below 8k RPM. It is pulling very hard. Other bikes have a better top end rush but by then you are way into lose your license category.

Find one and take it for a ride if you can. I found it fit quite nicely between my K16GT and some very fast V-twins I have (one more race spec than streetable). It also has excellent brakes as well. All in all it is quite a bargain for what you get. I bought mine to use a commuter.
^ This guy was just contemplating one only a few days ago and already made the choice.

Sounds like he's had dozens of bikes.

I think that is a pretty strong point in favor of the N1K. :p
Welcome ! You'll like the N1K.
The perfect all-arounder and next best thing to a supersport if the sport bike ergos are too aggressive.

Not going to lie, my Daytona 675 still has more character and has much sharper handling but the Ninja does **** well for being 100lbs heavier.
I have also the privilege of ownership of a 2015 diavel. It was stolen 3 months ago. But I would say the best advantage of the n1k would be the in line 4 because we both know the vibrations of that v twin devil can be a bit harsh. Ps if your looking forward to the safety features of the n1k, I recommend the 2016 model. It has the slipper clutch wich helps with smoother downshifs aND a lighter clutch pull. welcome to the club!!!
Then again you can find the 2014 cheap and easily upgrade the clutch if you are so inclined or just keep the money you saved. :)
I also think it would be a great stable mate to your Diavel. Won't have quite the torque of your Duc but lots of other benefits which you'll find.
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