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Changing Front Sprocket

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Ninja 1000 ABS - after 60,000 klms had to change both sprockets and chain, socket size = 27mm, tried undoing with 1/2" impact drive, wouldn't budge, then tried with breaker bar, wouldn't budge, got hold of a 27mm single hex and a heavy duty impact driver, just spun the nut off with no effort. Helps when you have got the right tools.
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I'm telling you Kawasaki uses gorillas to put that **** nut on. I went through the exact same process on my zx6 last year. What a pain.
1000 Gorillas tightened the front sprocket nut on my 2006 ZZR600. Could not get it to move with a 1/2 inch impact wrench when I did a 520 sprocket and chain conversion. Trailered it over to my local Kawi dealer. They rolled it in the shop and put it up on the stand table. The tech took a impact wrench and bam 2 seconds later the nut was off the bike. Best part of the story is they didn't even charge me. The nut was on the bike at 94 ft./lbs. of torque according to the service manual. More like 940 ft./lbs.!!!!!
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