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Chain Slack

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Is there too much chain slack in my chain if I can push the chain all the way up on the bottom to the rubber swingerarm cover that protects from scratches? I am no mechanic, but I think I measured almost 2"?? Let the chain hang down and then pushed it up. I can make it touch the swingarm cover near the exhaust. Bike is on the side stand, no one is sitting on it.

The bike has 148 miles on it. Could it need to be done already? Seems like no matter what my measurement is on slack, it should never touch that cover?
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Yes is too much slack. My bike after 200 Miles was loose too. Normal is betwine 0.8 to 1.2 of inch. More than 1.2 is too much. You need to adjust the chain.
That can be done on the side stand correct? I saw a video of a guy who did the N1K but he did his on a stand. My stand doesn't come in until next week. So I need to do it on side stand.

Also need to get a torque wrench. I love buying tools. :)
Do you know the torque spec for the rear bolts?
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Here is the info.

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Hey thanks!!! You really helped me out. Chain is better. How often do you need to do this? I noticed another bolt loose on the bike when doing this. Is this bike going to be like this all the time or is this just the new bike kinks getting worked out? Can't believe I had to tighten a chain with 150 miles on the bike.
It's normal for a chain to stretch more in the beginning... I just adjust my chain at every oil change somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 miles. I don't notice an abnormal number of loose bolts... haven't lost any.... I would let the dealer know, maybe the guy who uncrated your bike and set it up was new or hung over or something?
For sure, you dont want this tight. Bike will work and function fine with a little more slack in the chain. Kawasaki recommends 1.2, but for sure theres no problem at 1.5.

A tight chain will wear fast. A slightly loose chain hurts nothing.
My chain still has a fair amount of slack. It by no means is tight. I can push it up. It just doesn't touch the underside of the swing arm rail like it did before. But it does move. I have trouble measuring an exact number. It's tough to get a ruler or tape measure where I need to since the bike is on the side stand. I will be getting my Pit Bull stand tomorrow and will be able to better check it. I only put about 10 miles on it since I tightened it so I doubt if it is too tight when I check it tomorrow that I did any damage. Thanks for the help all!
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BTW...chains don't really stretch. The rollers on the chain and the teeth on the sprockets wear down making the chain looser. If you take an old chain and a new one and lay them side by side you will notice almost no difference in the actual length.
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My chain was so loose when I got mines it made a noise. Header bolts and Chain tightening are a must.
CLICK SOUND VIDEO https://youtu.be/QMPljLMq0vA
Ive had my N1K a couple weeks and have had to tighten the chain twice now...am wondering if something is out of whack on my bike or if I need some additional training on this...seems pretty straightforward..not rocket science.
Adjustment Time

How many miles from first change to next and next?

Assuming your adjusting correctly the chain might need tightening every 400 or 500 miles on a N1000.........others can comment on their experience
Ive had the bike just over two weeks and probably put almost 1k miles on it during that time :)
Ive had my N1K a couple weeks and have had to tighten the chain twice now....
This is usually a sign of over tightening. Try to check the chain tightness with you sitting on the bike as the chain tightens a bit when the suspension is loaded and the swingarm is partially through it's "stroke".
Ok thanks for the feedback I will do just that...ive got the thing tightened all the way back now might need a new chain on this puppy.
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