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Center tail led light stays on

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I have an aftermarket integrated tail light which has been on the bike for 3 years as it's a 2012 N1K. I just took it out for a quick ride to get fuel through it and noticed 2 days later that the center LED on the tail light has been on. I know I had encountered this same thing about a year or so ago. I can't remember what the solution was, but I feel like it was simple.

The light stays on whether the ignition is in the off or lock positions. If I turn the blinker switch on or turn the hazard switch on, the light turns off. Since the ignition is in the off/lock position, the blinkers don't blink as they shouldn't. So the only way for me to park the bike and keep that center LED off is to activate the blinkers. I'm not sure what would be triggering power to this LED while the bike is off. Any ideas?
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