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Does anyone make a link or section to remove the CAT?
sorry if this has been covered. i admit not even looking close under
the bike; just bought it thursday.
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why did you run over a cat? You should have swerved.
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Greetings alang... here's a thread for you.
I painted mine black. Can hardly tell its there anymore.
Consider getting the akropovic header. It will remove the cat and give you performance while at it. Apparently the most restrictive part of our exhaust is not the cat its the tube diameter of the header. But the cat is fugly!
It's either an aftermarket header or a y-pipe but since "custom" work is over over priced in America, It would be easier to buy the aftermarket headers.
Holeshot Performance is the only one I am aware of.

Holeshot Performance Products, Inc.

Holeshot Z / Ninja 1000 4-1 Slip-on Conversion

thks, my bike was a demo, came with dual yoshi slipons.
may just leave as is. don't want really loud exhaust.

SS Headers look nice; no crossover tubes though.
+11hp +4.6ft.lbs -8pounds

now that it is +90F, I wonder if the heat output would be reduced with the cat eliminated. I kind of like the low muffled sound with just the twin yosh slip-ons though.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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