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Carolina/Tennessee Mountain Rides

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I work at BMW in Greer SC. Got my Ninja about a month ago and already did one Dragon Trip. I am looking to do a few more. I am off every other week so weekdays/weekends are all good for me. Also looking for shorter day trips into the local national forests. I recently heard 176 was repaved. Let's ride.
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Is anyone on this site? Just saw your post. I live within a short ride distance to The Dragon and ride over there once a week or so. During the Summer we go every Thursday evening. I just picked a "like new" 2011 Ninja 1000 weekend before last. However, a weeks worth of rain has kept me away from 129. Gimme a shout if you ever want a tour of the area. I've ridden or pedaled every mountain and back road in the area.

My girlfriend is actually coming to Greenville to take the BMW motorcycle school at the end of the month.
I'm in NC - High Point, NC specifically.

We usually go north, towards Pilot Mountain. Dragon is more of a full weekend ride.
Hildebran, NC here. Planning on a ride in the next week or two at Deal's Gap. Probably during the week. I usually trailer to Cherokee and then ride out of there to the Dragon.
Check out rider forum 3rd gen nk1 for rotr ride on the ridge thats being planned for up in that area, its an annual event, ill probably be up that way this weekend if the weather holds out. Probably cut across the mountain on hgwy 441 and go through gatlinburg and to piegon forge for the spring rod run this weekend.

I live in Lincolnton usually go some where every weekend. Haven't done the dragon yet, would be kind of cool going with other nk1000's. Just about every road around me is a good one. I ride a 2014 nk1000
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