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Carbon Fiber Parts

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There is a North American-based company doing C/F parts for the N1K and will ship for $10 flat rate in the US & Canada.
I couldn't find any reference to them on the forums, so thought I'd post a link to their site.
I'm debating ordering the combo hugger & chain guard for my 2013.

Anyone had any experience with these folks?

Motocomposites.com - Your Online Motorcycle Carbon Fiber Body Parts Store

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Thanks for the link. May be ordering some. Usually get my c/f from Japan.
I was just looking to replace or have my chain guard and rear fender dipped or maybe vinyl wrapped. Thanks for the link here!
Didn't see the Ninja 1000 listed there.
Didn't see the Ninja 1000 listed there.
Cross referenced Z1000 parts.
Cross referenced Z1000 parts.
I'd like to see the front fairing in cf.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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