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Blue over green

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Took road trip to San Francisco today to see the Blue Angels practice for their airshow at fleet week this weekend. The Navy annually brings a bunch of big boats and small group of bad *** planes to San Francisco bay. Quite show. Getting an earful of F-18's ripping around makes you glad they're on our side.


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Nice post. When I read the title I thought you preferred the blue paint on the N1K to the Candy Green. :eek:
I get to work on our airforce base on occasion. Its a repair facility for the f 18 and some others.

Theres nothing like watching them test a new jet engine. The plane will creep along the runway for a few thousand feet...It looks liek a normal take off until the plane is about 100ft in the air, then its gone.

If you are standing right there you can count 1..1000....2...1000....three...1000 before you cant see it anymore. You almost want to look at a building, or the ground, because you feel like your eyes are not calibrated properly.

Its liek this video, but it happens in about 1/4 the time. When my income tax statement comes, I pretend my tax money went for this program and it makes it ok again.

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Nice YouTube! And we think riding a bike is exciting...
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