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Backrest on 2014+

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Hey all,

I was curious if anyone had mounted a backrest on the 2014 and up ABS. I like the new style bags, but they're not compatible with the kawasaki topbox. I don't really need the extra storage, but the wife NEEDS a backrest. Neither Corbin nor Sargent offer backrests for their saddles. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hopefully someone has found something... I think it was Corbin who made a seat with a small 'donut' shaped extension on it... but it was for the vfr and not the n1k.. I thought the kawi topbox is compatible with the sides... but it is 800 bucks...
The website says the topbox doesn't work with the side bags. It's hidden in an asterisk. Corbin says that they don't make a backrest due to the "aggressive" riding position, though there are few bikes more upright and they make backrests for much sportier bikes.
My wife thinks she will fly off the back.. that's why she wants the sissy bar. Looks like we are still screwed.
I am in the same boat though I am talking with a company locally about making a rack for the bike. The bike is smoother now since I went with Ivan's reflash so it is less jerky for my wife. I also picked up something that has made us both a lot happier. It is basically a kidney belt with 2 sets of grab handles.

At first I wasn't sold on the idea but at the MC show they had a special. I had them make one the way I wanted for sizing. I am a big guy and with my very big ADV jacket I wanted a bit more slack so they made one with longer straps. All I can say is my wife is MUCH more receptive when I want to go out together on the N1K.

Grip N Ride

It works as a kidney belt as well when she isn't riding. There are 2 sets of grips on it. You can spin the belt to the front as well if you want her tighter to you when riding more aggressively. Now she can hold on to me much easier and no longer with a death grip at times. :D
I have actually been looking for something like that GNR belt DT, that's perfect!

I want one because I want to ride my son a little bit, and I want him to have more than just the side bars to hold on to.
Cool - tell them you saw it a the MC show in Long Beach, CA and see if they'll give you any sort of show discount. :D
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