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Autumn rides

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Riding in the fall is a wonderful thing...

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Saaaaaweeeeeeetttt! I do miss this time of year when I lived up in Ohio. But I think that I'll take the Texas heat in the summer to ride all year now. Where were the pics taken? It looks awesome!
It sure is!! I don't know why anyone thinks summer is the riding season; way too freakin' hot :) (at least out here).
Sun going down with what may be one of my last autumn rides November 1st.


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This is a ride my boss and I did last Sunday 10/25. I took the video, he was kind enough to edit it through so it wasn't obnoxiously long.

First time I'd had a chance to do much cornering with the bike. I'm still not as smooth as I'd like to be.

The bike infront of me on 66 is a V11 Guzzi, and that guy can roll on that thing.

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