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Arizona SpringFast 10th anniversary ride

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Alpine Arizona, 8500' elevation, thick forests, and alpine meadows.
The legendary Devils highway, hwy666. 95 miles of twisty, curvy road from Alpine, to Morenci.

10th anniversary SpringFast ride in Alpine, AZ.
May 15, 16, 17, 2015 Staying at Tal Wi Wi lodge, in Alpine, AZ

Rooms and Rates

Please state that you are with the SpringFast group. reservations, and room sharing is strongly recommended as the place fills up quick.

I am based out of Albuquerque, NM. Friday and Sunday ride descriptions are based from there. Colorado riders typically overnight at my house and ride with us.
There is a Phoenix group that meets either in Fountain Hills, or Apache Junction and then ride up from there.

Riders from other states, and areas, and motorcycle brands, are invited.
PM me, With any questions and I will do my best to answer them.
This has been a great ride for 10 years now, and may be the last one I officially organize. Hwy666 makes the dragon look like a Lizards tail. They brag about 318 curves in 11 miles. Try over 5000 curves in 95 miles!

Friday, May 15, meet at Dennys, 98th st and I-40 in West Albuquerque around 8AM. Insure you are gassed and ready to go. KSU at 9AM. The route will go west on I-40 to the Quemado exit, gas here if you can not go 150 miles on a tank. South on 117, to 36, to Quemado, NM for fuel and a break. Continue down to Reserve, on 32, to 12, no stops in reserve. This is a VERY scenic, and curvy road, we may stop for photo ops. hwy 180 through Luna, NM across into AZ to Alpine. Dinner and drinks at the Tal Wi Wi that evening.

Saturday. May 16th,
Breakfast is either at the Tal Wi Wi, or in town at the Alpine Café. Both have great food and service. KSU from the gas station in Alpine, AZ at 10AM. Travel east on 180 into NM, south to Glenwood, stop for fuel and short break. Continue south on 180 to hwy 78 west to Clifton/Morenci, AZ. This will be a VERY curvy, and technical stretch of road, with sharp drops, gorgeous overlooks, we will stop at the top near the NM/AZ state line. Lunch in Morenci, at the copper Kettle café, right below the mine. After lunch, head up 191, (the devils highway). this is a very technical, very curvy road, with awesome overlooks, stunning views, and very few guardrails. pay attention, watch your speed, ride within your abilities. 90 miles of switchbacks, and awesome turns will have you thinking the Dragon is just a tiny lizard compared to what the devils highway has to offer. 3 hours later, you will be back in Alpine, dinner and drinks, once again at the Tal Wi Wi.

Sunday May 17th.

Breakfast at your convenience, the Tal Wi Wi, or café in Alpine. meet at the gas station in Alpine, KSU at 10AM. NM group rides back following same route through reserve. Those in a hurry can opt to go north, and then east on US60 to Quemado. (my sport bikes are allergic to straight roads). Stop again in Quemado for gas, and a break before continuing on to Albuquerque. Since this is the 10th anniversary, I am expecting many of the original riders from the first SpringFast ride, and also, many from past years. This may be a big group this year. If so, I will be breaking the ride into smaller 10 person groups, to maintain safety...

See ya there!
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Did a pre-ride this weekend to check out the roads. 2 days, 700 miles, lots of curves and lots of smiles...

Its going to be a great time in two weeks!
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I didn't ride my Ninja, instead I rode my Tenere with it's heated seat. It sure felt good Saturday morning

but that didn't stop us, it burned off within a few hours and we were heading back down 191 by 11am

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