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Anyone near Portland?

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So, I've been working with local dealers to try to find a 2014 new for a bargain but there aren't any around me. I found one online for $6999 but it's 1200 miles away.

I know this is a huge ask, but I'm wondering if anyone near Portland would be able to check it out, confirm that it's brand new, check miles, tires, see if you can find anything shady with the bike or deal? Maybe take a few pics confirm condition/miles etc. I'm paranoid that I'll encounter a problem with a dealer halfway across the country or get there and the deal has changed or the bike is not as promised. Still undecided on flying out and riding back (hard to control the break-in miles and that would be a lot of miles on the terrible stock seat) or have it shipped to me for about $600.

Dealer told me nothing is wrong, has been at this price for about a week and they expect it to move within another week. Dealer fees are supposed to be $499. So my out of state out the door price (without tax) should be $7499 for a brand new 2014.

Green is not my top pick on color but this is a crazy deal...so I have to at least consider it.

Is anyone able to help check this out or have any suggestions/reasons why I should or shouldn't do this?

It's at MotoSport Hillsboro, OR
2014 Kawasaki Ninja® 1000 ABS Stock: | MotoSport Hillsboro
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After crunching the numbers again it seems like I'm only saving about 1k off the cost of a 2015 bought locally. I don't think that's enough to take the risk of buying a bike I can't see from a dealer I can't expect to fix any problems and in a color that I don't care for. So, I'm going to try to buy a new black 2015 today or tomorrow.
gbinco...where are you located? I ask because I sort of went through the same scenario and bought mine in Oregon, which is out of state for me too.

If you are only saving $1,000 vs. a 2015 then it's probably not worth the hassle...but forgive me...$1,000 difference doesn't sound right for a 2015 that is probably MSRP vs. $6,999.

I emailed the GM of the dealership I was dealing with, he scanned and emailed me the sales contract...signed by them...I signed it and emailed back. They can attempt to change the terms...but you have a signed sales contract and they likely just want to recover the money they have tied up in old inventory and want to get rid of the bike. They've been wanting that bike to sell for quite some time now, and aren't likely to screw with the buyer that finally comes along. Don't get me wrong though, I hate "Stealerships" as much as the next guy.

The fact that I was also a cash buyer and not financing may have also made them more friendly.

How many miles are on it? The bike will still be under warranty and if there is an issue with it, it's not really an issue with THAT dealer...you can take it to any Kawi dealer for service instead of trying to deal with a dealer far away. For the most part a warranty issue, is a warranty issue. I thought about that same issue, ultimately didn't worry about it.

I considered flying in and riding home almost a 1,000 miles for me, but changed my mind.

-Nearest airport was 60 miles away and would require a taxi ride $$$.
-Would have to carry too much gear for all the variables of weather. Driving back across Mt. Shasta I saw rain and freezing temps at night despite the nice weather where I live.
-One of the worst things you could do for a brand new engine is jump on the interstate and cruise at a constant rpm.
-1st oil change recommended at 500 miles.

Ultimately I grabbed a friend and drove 1,000 miles each way in a matter of two days...YUP we did that. We took turns driving, got there, loaded up the bike, headed back home. I know it sounds crazy, but we approached it with the mentality of just a crazy, fun thing to do with a good friend and I didn't miss any days of work.

By the way Uhaul rents motorcycle trailers for $15 / day. So I factored in a couple of hundred $ in gas, $45 for the trailer, add in the sales tax that your state will likely charge you when you register it...and I was still several thousand $ less than a 2015 anywhere near my area, they all wanted MSRP, doc fees, prep fees, tax (unavoidable).

Speaking of prep...try to maybe negotiate a brand new battery (it's likely been in the bike for a while) and ask for detailed photos of the bike to put your mind at ease. My brake rotors had some flash rusting..it is Oregon after all. But I honestly wasn't the slightest bit concerned about it being an issue.

All in all...everything went smoothly, got it home and now I'm about to do the first oil change.

If driving there to get it isn't even an option consider Forward Air or some other motorcycle transport. For the $600 it will cost...it's worth it. The shipper will likely note it's condition, or any obvious issues, and you certainly have the right to refuse the bike if it's in any other condition than stated/represented. There may or may not be a fee involved (look into it first)...but it's certainly an option that I was considering.

For me it was just too much of a smokin' deal to pass up and got it for pretty much the exact same price as you are being quoted. $7499 out the door, plus tax in your state and a couple of hundred to go get it vs. $11,999, doc, prep, tax. Absolutely no dealer near me was willing to wiggle and forget about trying to get them to drop prep and doc on "New Hotness" inventory. Plus, it's Summer and it's riding weather...bikes will likely sell. Why drop prices?
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Glad that worked out well for you.

Here's my math.

2014 $7500 with dealer fees
2015 ~$10.6k with fees
$3100 difference

Flight $300
Hotel $100
Gas $100
Food $50

Or shipping $600

Value of 1 model year newer $500
Tax savings for trading in old bike $250
Savings of getting cost on accessories when buying 2015 $500 Which I ended up not getting because they're cost seemed like a lie
Not favorite color worth at least $500 to me

I'm probably forgetting a couple items somewhere.

Anyways, I got a black/grey 2015 and love it. Going to try to put a couple hundred miles on it tomorrow and again Saturday.
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Gotcha....nobody near me had a 2014 leftover and was strictly 2015 within several hundred miles around me and 2015's here were strictly MSRP.

Taking a friend and driving straight through is how I avoided a hotel and the worry of it being on a trailer outside or trying to sneak it into a 1st floor room, etc.

For ME it was certainly the way to go.

Congrats on the new 2015.
Oh man.. I read your thread late. Power in Sublimity has the best prices here in the pnw. I am in Vancouver, WA.
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