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Aftermarket Lever Fitment

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Anyone know if the perches for the 11-13 are the same as the '14 model? I've a '14 & haven't found any on ebay which say they'll fit a '14 but plenty for 11-13. I wouldn't think they'd be changed but found out the hard way the swingarm spools are different so I'm asking for your wisdom. TIA. :D
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I dont see nay possible way they changed. Reason being, the current lever, clutch anyway, has been the same since 1998. The front changed only because of the radial master cylinder in 2005. For the front, several other brands will fit, so I'd be 100% ok in ordering the ones for the 13.
Thanks, the clutch side is exactly where I want to make a change to a adjustable lever. I've got nerve damage in left arm making extending fingers to operate lever a challenge. Always have fitted aftermarket shorty's which help.
I agree 100% That clutch lever is just "not right" I like the cheap chinese levers that copy Pazzo's. Why cheap chinese? I smooth the face of them because I hate the sharp, machined edges. No sense defacting good ones??? They work just fine, really, since you dont adjust them more than once. They dont move as smoothly as the real ones.

Also, be careful that they let the front brake master cylinder have enough freeplay. You dont need much, just a little.
Finally received & mounted my Ebay levers from China. Set aside my suspicions & they actually work without grinding or any fitment issues. They fold, are extendable & have 8 color options for adjusters & extenders. Big plus was free shipping, even to USA. Motomart11 is his ebay sellers name. Never been a fan of cheap levers but this was a great $40 purchase.
I spent $48 including shipping for levers from china.
They're extendable and foldable.
Did I get something better for the additional $8?
Tony, you did fine. Heres oen BIG DEAL thing to check. Notice your stock front brake lever. Dont remove it just yet. Go play with it some. Notice how you have JUST A LITTLE play before it applies the brakes..not 1/4 inch..just some.

Your new levers need to have that much, too. If not, there is a danger of the front locking up when the brake overheats...as it will do if the lever is artificially causing the pads to drag. If you dont have play, drill the mounting hole that holds the pin..you'll see it..a little deeper.

Also, make sure you hit this hole on re-assembly. This big deal is about all you get when you go with real Pazzo levers. Pazzo's will be perfect. Otherwise, the Chinese levers are fine. Side by side, its tough to tel the difference. Maybe the real thing is slightly smoother to adjust???
Tony, there are a lot of Chinese lever sellers on Ebay. Only difference I can see is a few $ & mine had a color option. Hope yours turn out well also. :D
My comment was tongue-in-cheek. I was wondering what the difference in a few dollars gets you. I'm keeping the play in the brake lever.

Yes, I had the color options as well. I like the foldable option to prevent scratches or bent levers if the bike gets in a tight squeeze or falls. Extendable is a great choice as well. Even if you prefer shortys, you still have the ability to change.
I'm running Pazzo Racing Levers on my 2014 Ninja 1000 ABS. Long Clutch Lever and a Shorty Brake Lever.
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