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After 35 years

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All the kids are grown and I needed a life outside of work, so I bought another motorcycle. That was about 5 years ago. I've always liked the look of the ST1300. So I bought one. I bonded with that bike the first hour I had it. It's a great long-distance runner -- shaft drive, relaxed gearing, smooth V4 engine, and just enough sport in its DNA to be competent in the corners.

Last week, after a lot of research and test riding, I bought a second bike -- 2015 Ninja 1000. Yesterday (Saturday) was Bonding Day. Absolutely enjoy it! And it's 200 lbs lighter than the ST1300. Where the ST is fast, the Ninja is quick. Plus the N1K comes with a really good soundtrack (exhaust sounds).

I live in St. George, Utah. It's about 2 hours north of Las Vegas on I-15. The climate in St. George is similar to Las Vegas. (The scenery is much more interesting, though.)

I enjoy solo riding sometimes. It gives me time to think. But I also riding with others that have common interests.
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Welcome ninja warrior
So you have a 2015. More colors than 2014?

I am sort of confused about my n1k and your post sort of adds to that.

I am coming from an 11 gsxr 600. Which is a very competent super sport. I feel that my 14 n1k is a bit sluggish compared to that bike. Even though the 1/4 mile times from the same site indicate that they are a dead match to at 10.60. The gsxr has a greater, albeit optimisitic, top speed. My bike is barely broke in at 700 miles, but it is not scary fast. Maybe I am distracted by shifting often as my 600 did 80mph in first gear, or maybe ktrc level 1 is slowing it down, although I am not seeing the traction control light. When I look up an st1300 I see a 11.3 1/4 mile time on my reference site. Quick sounds slower than fast... so I am wondering if there is a missing commodity.
*** I just took a peak and I am not apples to apples on my site. They are not listing the 14 n1k. I must have sourced that time elsewhere.***

So with all that said is your bike broke in ?
Does ktrc 0 unleash the speed ?
I think the n1k has a ton of torque and never wants for rpm to make power, it just seams more like a diesel than a gas engine in how it makes power. Maybe I just need to wait for more miles and its not fully cooked. Maybe its deceptive. Looking for feed back from members coming from more dedicated sport bikes.

I am changing the front sprocket to get more mph out of each gear, but if anything that will hurt my acceleration. I can live with its performance, it just doesn't have that limitless quality the 600 had.

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I have a 2011 so it was broken in when I purchased it as a demo.
I can't help you with ss comparison. I just know it's more comfortable for the mature gentleman rider.

So do you have the green or black?
Hey Gary, my last bike was an R6, so I think I might be able to help with your comparison. According to what gearing you ran on the Gixxer, the N1k might feel a bit sluggish, particularly off the bottom. But you're also saying you're shifting frequently - not sure why. The big flat torque curve of the N1k should have you shifting less frequently.

Traction control shouldn't be slowing you in the straight, but I can't comment on that in real life, as I have a 2012 with no KTRC.

You are very right in describing it similar to a diesel - torque everywhere.

One thing that I've noticed that may describe omniron's experience with the ST1300 is that the N1k is a bit sneaky. I find myself frequently looking down and saying "I didn't realize I was going that fast!" Granted, I've only had my N1k for a little over a month, so YMMV. On a big bike like the ST, when you're going fast, you feel like you're going fast.

BTW, omniron, great choice of machine, and welcome to the club.
I think sneaky or deceptive might be the right word. I am short shifting at 9.5K because she still feels really tight.

I think perhaps the long gearing of first gear in the gxxr is what makes the n1k seam so busy. I never really check speed until I am about done accelerating so I am not seeing what the top speed in first is. My bike is hibernating now so I can't go out and check.

It would be interesting to know. Santa is bringing me that new front sprocket which should give me more mph in each gear, that might be all it takes.

I am a couple years short of 50 so I really love the sport touring segment, but **** i miss the supers. If I were 10 years younger there would be an s1000rr in my garage right now, or maybe that would be the impound garage because I would be stupid on something that fast LOL.
Thanks for the welcome.

As you may guess from my intro post, I'm older than the usual N1K owner. GaryK may be a more typical rider of this bike. I look for curves and enjoy the physio-kenetics (G forces) of carving through them. But being the fastest (or the quickest) is not as important to me as it probably is for others. My advice: there are old riders and there are bold riders, but there are no old bold riders. I ride to return home.

One of the reasons I bought this bike is because it's 200 pounds lighter than my ST1300. That is a great bike for doing 1,000 miles a day on the Interstate ...with some sport abilities in its DNA. The N1K is a great bike for sport touring ...with a lot more sport. But the fact is, I am configuring the N1K for touring -- factory panniers, lowered pegs, risers on handlebars, Baldwin seat, Michelin PR4 tires, etc. When I replace the chain and sprockets, I'm planning to go down a tooth on the front sprocket. Riding this bike isn't about the fastest quarter mile. To me, it's about leaving at 7:00 am for a 300-400 mile day ride, having fun all day long doing it, and then pulling in the garage at dusk none the worse for wear except for bugs on the windscreen and my helmet.

Just sayin'
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My 2015 N1K had ONE mile on it when I rode away from the dealer. I have the black-on-black model. I'm still waiting for the matching factory panniers. No word on when they will ship. I'm not a fan of the Kawasaki green or the electric blue from 2014.

I had a good talk with a Kawasaki engineer that I happen to know. He told me that the official break in period -- under 4K RPM for the first 400 miles, then under 5K until 1K miles -- is not really the best way to start out with this bike. He said to go easy for 4-5 heat cycles -- ride, let it cool down, ride again, cool down, repeat. After that, the engine is ready to really run. I have about 450 miles on the bike now, but I still have the power setting on low and traction control on 2. I haven't run the engine over 6K yet.

After one more day ride, I'll move to full power and then begin to explore this bike's performance envelope. I'm enjoying the learning curve.
I live about 75 miles from Hocking Hills near Athens Ohio. Its not the dragon but it is really stout for twisties. I think the main reason for the change was that the sport bikes wore me down before I got to the good roads. Two of my fellow riders are older than me. We have all been down before (several times). So we know our limits. We still push it fairly good. The sport bikes are great if you are ok with stopping every 50 minutes to do gas station yoga. But I swear some of the rides home after 250 miles and 150 of them in the twisties, my eyes lose synchronization and move independent of each other!

The n1k basically only stops for gas and bio needs. Which just makes the experience so much better even if it isnt the fastest bike around. I just was expecting a little bit more 'unrest' from a liter bike.

Let me know about lowering the pegs. I am just a pinch leg long for the bike and would be interested in what you find.
Gary motowerk makes peg lowering stuff for the ninja. I used the one kit that lowers the stock foot peg and there clevis for the rear brake linkage. stuff works great.
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