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ABS Light on after getting new tires

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Question. I took my front and rear wheels off to get new tires. Everything came off and went back together as it should. Now the ABS light will not go off. I notice that there is a timing plate on each wheel for the ABS sensor that I am assuming is used to sense pulses front and rear to see if one wheel is sliding faster than the other. As far as I can tell, everything is where it should be. Is there an alignment process to get the ABS sensors aligned with the notched plate on the wheels? The ABS light always comes on when the bike is first started. But when the wheels go around a few full turns, it usually turns off.

If the sensor do need to be aligned, how do you do it? Wheels are on correct and felt fine on the test ride.

Any ideas what may have happened? I do disconnect the brake and ABS lines when I use the front fork stand. And have done that many times with no issues.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Ok I figured it out. There is a spacer that was in the wrong spot. I had it on the inside of the brake caliper and it was supposed to be on the outside. That put an extra 5 mm's or so between the sensor and the wheel. Just enough to throw off the ABS system. Fixed the order and it worked. Man, I feel stupid but ABS is a touchy system.
Glad you got it figured out. Did you stay with the stock 50 series on the back, or got to a 55? I thought I had read somewhere that making that change can cause an issue.
I stuck with 50. Got the Michelin Pilot 4 GT's. I question the GT. The dealer I went to also is where I bought my bike. The guy I always deal with is a pretty straight shooter. He said I should get the GT's. Our bike is heavier than the sport bikes the standard was built for. And he said the firmer side walls will feel good when cornering. He said this tire has a lot of siping to help with getting rid of water on the road. With that the tire can flex more than most. Having the stiffer sidewalls will help with that. I'm not sure I have seen anyone put the GT's on our bike. If you have, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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