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A Kawasaki? Really?

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Hi, my name is Jack and I have been riding both street and dirt bikes for the past 34 years. Living and working in Los Angeles if you're not on two wheels, you're not getting anywhere. I've owned many bikes but only one other Kawasaki that I bought new and could not wait to sell it. But I think I just made a poor choice for what I needed. my most recent street motorcycle was a 2005 Yamaha FZ1 all set up beautifully . you know the good generation, before Yamaha screwed em up. an uninsured uber driver ran a red light, no more FZ1.. Hate the new Yamaha fz1. Bought a 2013 white Ninja that was only purchased new this January, guy took it to Chuckwalla and decided he needed a super sport instead of the Ninja. Bought it with 1700 miles on the odometer for a good price and its still under factory warrantee. After my first couple of days on the Ninja I can say that I am really impressed with the power down low and the braking. everyday on the bike feels better and better and although I've almost exclusively ridden Yamaha for the most part. I did own a 1991 Suzuki Katana 750 for eleven years and I thought that it was a very well balanced, dependable bike. I look forward to many miles of the confidence inspiring power and handling of my new Ninja 1000. At the moment, my only gripe is that this motorcycle should come with a helmet lock. I look forward to gathering good information from the community and hopefully I will respond in kind. ( I'm not to good at that though). Take Care
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Not sure about 2013, but my 14 has a helmet lock, a crappy one, but it is there.
No, no helmet lock on the earlier bikes....Awesome idea? huh

The wire strip bolts right on our older bikes, but its just a length of wire with loops on the ends.


My solution was the s hook. It works just as well and the cost was not bad.....

Woudl anyone like to purchase 1/2 of a black rubber bungee cord?
I just picked one up myself yesterday! I commute a lot as well; OC to Long Beach every day. I ride a Daytona 675 normally and with a few mods, it is quite comfy. That said, nothing compared to the Ninja! My first ride home on it was over 1.5h and apart from my *** being a bit sore (seat not broken in yet), no fatigue!
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Good to know there are plenty SoCal 1K riders out there...
Welcome to the N1K list. Mine's a '12 ABS, same machine as your '13 just different paint. Also no on-bike helmet lock so I use a HelmetLok, just as effective:
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