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78 gs1000 to 2013 ninja 1000

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I like tinkering with older motorcycles and riding around the neighborhood listening to the 4 into 1 header. I decided I wanted something to ride every day. I still like my old gs1000 but if I ride the ninja and then get on it its like driving and old truck
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Hahaha well welcome to the forum!
I know what you mean, I've a recently restored '79 GS 1000S which is really the same bike. Very similar when I jump back on my modern bikes. Do find the seat better on the old bike, flat & plenty of room to move around.
That is so awesome!

There's a local shop here in Greensboro NC (Ironworks) that deals a lot with older bikes. I always get a kick out of that place and the different bikes he has there.

He had a Russian dedicated sidecar there the last time I was around. It was so cool. BMW-clone boxer motor, black, and just flat out awesome.
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