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2nd Gen stock exhaust removal and slip-on install

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Don't mind the fathead with glasses. This is Part 1 of a video I'm making to replace the stock mufflers on my '14 with Delkevic Slipons.

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Nice video. Can't wait for part 2! Thanks for posting.
Nice to see the Jeckler lift in action.

I had the audio muted so I need clarification.
Are you getting replacement crush gaskets from delkevic?
What made you pick ds70 over the 8" minis?
The fiber gaskets are not necessary. The new midpipe fits right into the catbox's outlets. I'll have the 2nd part up sometime today. I just finished the install abut 20 minutes ago.
I picked the DS70's because I might eventually get a set of KQR bags and I think the outlet of the mini's would blow right on the bottom of them.
Though now looking at the pic, maybe not. Oh well, I still like 'em.


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From the lengthy Exhaust Options thread:


I used the ds70 on a Ninja 300.
I thought the 8" mini looked minimalistic/best on the N1K.
That and maybe the carbon tri ovals if you weren't worried about bags.

Did Janielle @delkevic take care of you?
She had emailed me back when I asked about the gaskets. That's the only interaction I had. I ordered through the website.
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