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2015 ninja rims

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Well I bent both my rims last night and dealer wants 700 a piece does anyone know where I can get 2015 rims for much cheaper my tires are still good


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I honestly would not ride with a repaired rim no matter how good the repair shop is.. but that's me..
Wheels are very soft. It causes them to dent rather than crack or brake...straightening is no problem. They come back more straight than brand new wheels.
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I was 79 on highway and hit a pole
how did you bend those rims?
You can have that repaired very easily dude.
But you still have to repaint if they use heat.

Best bet is to find a reputable machine shop that can repair it.
and make sure to keep up with the proper tire pressure next time dude.

I'm not sure exactly what kind of "pole" the OP hit but I do wonder how CF wheels would have held up in a hit like that ? I wonder if the CF would have fractured where the stockers just bend ?
No idea.. and not very cheap, but really cool :)
I've mounted a set of BST carbon wheels on my Yamaha FZ1 & love them. They're actually for an R1 but I've changed the front forks to '07-08 R1's so the front mounted with no issues. The back had to have a spacer machined as the swingarms are considerably different. Probably the only FZ1 in USA with the BST's. Yes they're pricey but that's OK, at least for me.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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