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2014 Ninja 1000 NEW KTRC Traction Control

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• KTRC traction-control system features three different modes for varying conditions
• System can also be switched-off by the rider to disable traction control
• Modes are controlled by a handy switch assembly on the left handlebar
• Modes are indicated on the LCD cockpit display
• A low-battery mode helps preserve ABS effectiveness when the battery charge is low. (although riders may notice that ABS operation is less smooth than in normal mode)
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Yeah it helps keep the Ninja 1000 up to par with the rest of the bikes in it's segment and competitive enough for years to come.
im just glad it can be turned off and not forced on you.
The low battery mode is strange. I can't tell if I would like it to have ABS that doesn't work as well, or if I would just turn it off at that point to preserve battery and not get any strange braking patterns.
well the way they look at it. they rather have it there than not. for safety reasons.

they just use less energy by making it not as smooth.

likely more of an off and on kind of ABS.
That and to keep up with the developing motorcycle world. i think in some time some nations will require all new bikes to come with ABS, this is sort of a way for them to work up to that.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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