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2014 Ninja 1000 Monobloc ABS Brakes with Petal-Type Rotors

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• NEW One-piece “monobloc” radial-mount front brake calipers offer superb braking power and control, along with a premium quality look from their laser-etched Kawasaki logo and black alumite finish
• Small and lightweight ABS unit with a high-spec ECU is capable of detailed calculations for ultra-smooth operation
• A low-battery mode maintains ABS function as best as possible when the battery charge is low. In this mode, ABS timing and pressure relief functions are maintained to help preserve brake effectiveness (although riders will notice that ABS operation is less smooth than in normal mode)
• Petal-type 300mm front brake rotors are full-on sportbike hardware
• A radial-pump front brake master cylinder contributes to the superb control and feel offered by these high-end monobloc calipers
• The rear brake is a single-piston, pin-slide caliper gripping a 250mm petal-type disc. The caliper is mounted below the swingarm, and located by a torque rod
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KawiRider - would you happen to know the front brake caliper torque values ( socket caps that hold caliper to fork and hex head bolts that hold pads in place? I performed a search and came up empty. Want to install new front pads for better power.

Thanks for any info.
The two bolts that hold the pad pins, or really, the pins themselves. in place. Lubricate them with anti seize. Then BARELY snug. These are the ones that you use a hex wrench with. Dont go crazy here.

If you tighten these, unlubed, they may never come out again. They get ignored, and corrosion takes hold, so be careful.

The caliper to fork leg joint..Manual says 25 lb/ft on those. If you use 20, you'll never have a problem and also wont strip them when something goes wrong.
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Thank you very much! I have a service manual on the way buy get kinda antsy when I have parts in-hand. Thanks for the tip on the pins; can see how they would get bound up if neglected.
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