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2014 N1K Service Manual?

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I know on some of the other forums I was on in the past, people had Service Manuals, or at least some documentation about how to do certain things on bikes, that they were willing to share.

Does one of these exist for the 2014 Ninja 1000? Is there a digital version that's free, or can be purchased if necessary? I've got a few mods I'd like to do, but I'd like to get a service manual so I can make sure I'm not messing anything up.
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I wondered the same thing but went ahead & ordered a paper copy. Fairly reasonable $ for a factory manual, certainly in comparison to Yamaha manuals.
Here's the only place I've found that has a paper copy: 2014 Ninja 1000 Service Manual : Speedzone Direct a .pdf version would be awesome, but I might have to bite the $60 bullet.

Mikey- is this the one you got? What are your thoughts? Worth it? Detailed enough?
I bought the paper version for my 2012 and its great. Highly recommended.
I bought the paper version for my 2012 and its great. Highly recommended.
This recommendation actually tipped me over the edge and I pulled the trigger. I hate spending $72 on something that I feel should be free (the manufacturers should create and provide these free of charge when you purchase a $12k vehicle), but nevertheless, I have a number of things I'd like to do with my bike and I'm impatient so I don't want to wait until a free .pdf comes out.

I'll let you guys know my thoughts when it arrives in a 8-12 days.
Service Manual 2014

Hey Mancolt

Did you ever receive the 2014 service manual?
Sorry, I pretty much stopped following/using this board once I found riderforums.com

I did receive my manual, and it's okay. Quite a bit of information, and I've found it useful on a few occasions. The pictures leave a lot to be desired though, since they're black and white and often grainy, it's tough sometimes to see the details. If you have $70 and like having a service manual, go for it. But you can probably get any questions you have answered from online forums for free.
I see a disk version on amazon for $15.
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