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2014/2015 differences?

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Anybody know if there are differences between the 2014 and the 2015 other than color? I read another thread somewhere where someone mentioned that the seat pan is different.

I'm looking for some aftermarket levers and a few other things. Nobody has anything listed for the 2015 yet but most sellers have items for the 2014.
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Yeah, the seat pan is different. I assumed it was changed for 2014 too, but apparently it's new with 2015. I found out this the hard way. I'm currently seatless while my bike's OEM primary seat is at Baldwin having their seat put on my seat pan. Glad I had a second bike -- Honda ST1300 -- to ride today. It's a great bike, but not as exciting as the N1K. Hope the N1K is whole again by next Saturday.

I can see that some internal components have been relocated on the 2015 when I compare it to a 2013, but I'm not sure about the 2014. (No one I know has that year.) It's interesting that Kawasaki went to great lengths to keep the external appearance as close as possible (except for year-to-year color changes).
other than color the 14 & 15 are exactly the same.
Far better bikes than the 2013 and prior.
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