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2013 or 2014 NJ1

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I am looking for some comment on whether to buy a 2013 with + - 100miles (dealer demo in house-only -- apparently) or the 2014. I don't know the bike that well to know the differences other that the rear shock adjuster is new on the 2014.

Are the bikes mostly the same spec and performance? The new one would be about 1200 more bucks before taxes and other adjustments. My brain is sore thinking about it.

Thanks for commenting or advice.
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For 1200, you go for the 2014, and dont even think about it.I believe the abs and traction control woudl be nice to have, plus resale will be better. Performanc eis similar, if not identical, but the 14 has some nice additions.

The price difference should be 3000.00. The 2013 is "old" and used...I'd offer them 8500-9000.00 for it, and I'll bet they take it.
2013 or 2014 ?


well it certainly can't hurt to make a lower offer...i didn't mention that the 2013 has abs on it...
Still, abs or not..the new bike has it too, right? Maybe not where you guys are. Still, there shoudl be a better discount.
Are you going to add hard bags? If so, IMHO, the '14 is the way to go. The bike looks right without the bags mounted, no fugly brackets. Check for the resale value of the '13, I'm certain it worth less than what the dealer wants to sell it for. Also check closely for scratches & defects as demo bikes often are less than pristine.
I had the same dilemma, I ended up on a 14. Demo bikes are put through there paces and red lined many times over and not "broke in properly". ABS and Traction control are definitely worth having at least for me and the way I ride they are. I am not a fan of the 14 color options but there is more to life than the color of your bike.
2013 0r 2014 NJ1

I agree with all the comments..I lean to the 14 year...it has over 10 newer or upgraded areas on the bike according to Mother cow i have to act now...or suffer for a while longer...guess i will look for some cheap money somewhere
The decision should be on features vs cost. The resale is a consideration if you trade in a few years, not so much if you keep it for a long period.
The 2014 has quite a few new features compared to the 2011-2013 which were the same bike.
The 2014 supposedly has:
  • better brakes
  • new gearing in 6th gear for lower rpm
  • traction control
  • new suspensions
  • more torque at lower rpm
  • new injection program
  • programmable power mode selector
  • ...
whats not to like

pretty impressive technology....looking forward to riding this bike...been out of the saddle for about 2 1/2 years.
Keep us in the loop as to your decision. Good luck.
Go with the 2014 much more bells and whistles and gadgets. More bang for your buck. I love my 2014.
New NJ1

i've been posting in other threads

since I bought my 2014 N1J --bike will have about 600 miles on

it by the end of Memorial Day..so far so good..........
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