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2013 Kawasaki ninja 1000

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okay guys new to the bike world and need some help and advice. So I just purchase a 2013 Kawasaki ninja 1000 and wanted to lower the handle a little like the zx10r to give it a more sporty look any advice will really appreciate. If it's even possible to do it.
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Just need different clip ons. Not 100% how lowering the bars will affect clearance to tank/fairing. Something to consider.
Hmm, they may indeed hit the bottom of the tank since the stock ones seem to fit nicely in the cutout.
Thanks guys do you know where I can get something like that to try them on. I would really appreciate it.
I've never had any luck finding bar lowering kits or replacement, shorter clip-ons. Good luck with your search and post some pics if you get any.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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