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2013-2014 Rear Grab Handles

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Does anyone know if the grab handles are the same?
If they are the same then the new hard bags for the 2014 will fit on the 2013 since that is what they slip into. I did see at my local dealer a 2012 next to a 2014 and it appears as though the handles are the same. It does not appears as though they only sell the hard bags in blue or green so if I bought a set they would need to be painted white or black.

Anyone know for sure?
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I think theres more to the fitment than that. They claimed subframe changes, and I tend to think thats right.

It appears the new bags mount on the stock handle location, but also might have another mount around the taillight area? I've not see it close up, but I'll bet theres more to the new system.
When I bought my '14, the deal included the hard bags. The salesman said the original grab handles were in one of the bags so it appears to me the hard bags come with their own grab handles. In reading the accessory guide for the '14 Kawi recommends the dealer install the hard bags. I now have a spare set but am unsure if they would fit a '11-13.
Just found out from a dealer yesterday that the subframes are different. On the 14 there is a spot that you have to cut out in order to get the new grab handles to mount up on the new subframe. The 13 and previous don't have the cut out so the new handles won't mount up.
BUT, cut out..does it mean we could cut out? We might not need a template. They will always say it wont fit, but it woudl be amazing if we could.Even if it meant some cutting or welding. I'm sure someone will do it sooner, or later.
Not too sure if you can fabricate something. The guy at the dealership told me they tried to add the 14 bags to a 13 and the subframe being different was the problem. In the 14's there is a marked spot that you cut out to allow clearance for the new grab handles that the previous years don't have. I didn't see it myself, just going off what he told me.
Check page 5 on this thread...

My New Scoot - 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS | Page 5 | South Bay Riders

If I were in the market, for bags, I try it. I think the rear section would need some creative mods, but it looks do able. The subframe does look different, and it might not be as pretty, but I think I'd try it.

Then again, on this bike, why go with heavy oem bags? Soft bags work so well and dont weigh (Or cost) so much.
Sorry in advance, don't mean to hijack thread
it does involve rear grab handles

If you remove the handles, is there a product that would cover the holes and cap it?
I can't believe these aren't mass produced, there has to be a demand.
I think there is. I have a set someone else made for me. Nowhere near this level. The problem is when you put the bike on a rear stand. When these are in, no place to grab except a turn signal. But, plugging that looks fantastic.
I'm trying the '14 KQR's on a '12 this week. follow the post under bags for updates. I'm pretty sure I will have interference with my akrapovic exhaust system, but I'll try to find a way around that too.
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