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2011 with 18k

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I'm contemplating getting a 2011 N1K with around 18k miles priced at $4900. The average price where I am is around $6400 with lower to similar mileage. I notice some people here reporting that most of the buzzing and vibrations starts to tone down as the bike starts to accumulate miles? At 18k, what kind of issues should I be looking on this Kawi?

My only drawback from getting this bike is no ABS available. I'm not very familiar with Kawis. I had several Hondas. My heaviest bike was a 08 VRF800.
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My 2013 I bought new and the vibrations have diminished quite a bit in the first 2000 miles. It's still buzzier than just about any other motorcycle I have every owned but it's not by a huge margin anymore. If the 2011 is the same as the 2013 in this respect I'd say it'd be fine with the vibrations.
I supposed that some people are more sensitive to this sorta thing than others. I believe that there was one guy on Motorcycle.com that mention the buzzing being annoying during a review while the other riders reviewing it mention nothing about it. The other reviews from other online magazine complain about hard engine braking as well, another thing some people are sensitive about.

I'm trying to gauge whether the $4900 is a good price for a 2011 1K? It doesn't have any mods except a fender eliminator kit. Here in South Florida is always riding season and people jack up the prices for bikes and jeeps.
Hard to tell since there are not too many Ninja's on the used market. If it has been well maintained, seems like a fair price. Overall the N1K seems pretty bullet proof. I haven't really seen anything about common issues.

The vibration is really only present above 6k rpm, so unless you're cruising at high speed for extended periods of time, not a huge issue. 5.5krpm is about 80mph on my '14. I think it is slightly higher on the '11 but the difference is negligible.

Engine braking; yes, there is a good amount. Supposedly Ivan's ECU reflash will fix that. I haven't done it yet but most likely will.
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