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180 Rear

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I just bought a set of new Dunlop Q3 Sportmax tires from a friend. Has anyone ran a 180 rear on their N1K, any feedback on handling pluses/minuses if they have? It comes down to mounting them on my N1K or my Shiver.
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When I raced my TLR (it came stock with a 190) it was recommended by the Dunlop guy to go 180/55. I was f'n fast on that TLR. If you want to do some canyon bombing/track days I don't see why not.
I run one on mine, and love it. Handling is 100% better IMO.
Maybe you're correct, but I find it hard to believe that the 180/55 is any different than a 190/50... it should be worse since you are flattening the curve by stretching it onto a 6 inch wheel. The 180/55 is designed for a 5.5 inch wheel. The 190/55 is the perfect tire size and is what most people with an N1K move to from the stock 190/50's. The 190/55 coupled with pushing your forks all the way into the stock risers makes the bike nearly fall into the turns.
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