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I've come up blank in finding replacement amber LED's for the turn signal bulbs. Stock is marked RY10 with standard 2 prong base. Anyone done this mod & a source or two would be greatfully appreciated. :)
I just put these in the rear turn signals:

1156-A45-T 1156 Amber

I had to file one on the the little bumps on the led bulb down as the didn't match original. It only took 1 min to file off and still "plugged" in fine.

I would say they are only about 20% brighter than stock. I'm happy I got them as I have the Brake Light Flasher the I rigged so my indicators strobe at the same time! I'll post a video of this - looks crazy!
Metric/Universal GEN2 Magic Brake Light Flasher
Motorcycle Brake Light Flasher Strobing Motorcycle Lights
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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