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'13 Exhaust Fit '14?

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Does anybody know whether or not the 2013 slip on exhaust fits the 2014 ninja? I can't seem to get a clear answer form dealers or manufacturers. Very interested in the V&H urban brawler.
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Interesting. I've sent a lot of emails with a ton of no responses, a few I dunno's and one yes it does and we'll back it with a 100% refund. Thanks revzilla you get my money.
Revzilla is a cut above.
Vendors seem to keep '11-'13 together and '14 is separate. I guess next year it will be '14-'15 together.
That has only just changed (the '11-'13 thing) as when I bought my '13 it was difficult to get an answer whether stuff advertised for '11-'12 would fit mine! The obvious thing is it depends on how wide-ranging were the changes in that effect the items being looked at.
For anyone interested, they fit perfectly and are loud as [email protected].
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Great to know and Revzilla has a bunch of my money. I would give more of it to them but we have a motorcyclesuperstore outlet store here and dang it's so convenient.
Horse Power

Can anyone speak to whether or not a pair of good slip on mufflers and a better air filter will cause any horse power gain on a 2014 model?
You might gain 1-2 hp. Maybe 3-4, but not a lot.

A full exhaust is worth 15, or so on the older bikes. I dont see any reason the 14 would not be similar?? Well,, they did change the cam and it was supposed to make the midrange stronger. That may hurt its top end potential???

The move, if you own a 14, is to beg Ivan to do a reflash package for it. He did my 2012, and power went up dramatically. Especially where Kawasaki had restricted it , down low. With a header and slip on, mine felt fast.

Once he reflashed it, the low end became almost terrifying. You soon learn the throttle is best respected in low gears and low rpm. It hits, down low, like an mx bike.

I dont think thats available without a reflash????
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