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  1. Ninja 1000 Appearance & Modifications
    The SW Motech evo side racks fit with the SW Motech Top mount -- you just need a (I think) custom adaptor to get the side rack to fit properly, that's how I got mine to fit. No fitment issues, everything matched up perfectly-- SW Motech (the company that literally makes this part... for this...
  2. Ninja 1000 Appearance & Modifications
    I got tired of watching the Ninja 1000 bags on backorder, and after looking at pictures of the KQR bags, I decided to chance it and buy the Versys/H2 SX bags (that do not include the heatshield) over waiting for the Ninja bags to get off backorder in the US. The exhaust dumps about 4in/10cm...
1-2 of 2 Results