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  1. Ninja 1000 Parts & Accessories
    So I'm here looking to see what are some reviews, feedback or anything that can be provided about certain things. Just as a note it's more of just getting information and prices are not much of a difference. Looking to get the OEM grip warmers, how are they compared to any aftermarket ones and...
  2. For sale
    Front and rear stock seats from my 2022 N1K. Ridden for 3K miles, but looks new. You pay shipping (i think $50), or stop by and pick them up if you’re in NorCal. I'll post images soon.
    $250 USD
  3. Ninja 1000 Parts & Accessories
    Hi, I'm a potential buyer of a 2016 Z1000SX. I see that the passenger seat of 19 and 22 is thicker than that on the 16, and I assume the newer seat is more comfortable. Anyone tried to fit the newer MY19/22 seats ti MY16?
  4. Ninja 1000 Appearance & Modifications
    i never liked the big bulky rear seat always wanter to fix it so today when my parents went for a function i took the oportunity to fix my ninja rear seat
  5. For sale
    Selling my reduced ergo seat from my 2020 ninja 1000sx.I should fit later year model and probably previous years too. Do your research! It’s used for about a year but in great condition. Buyer pays shipping or pick up. I can get you a quote from Canada post or any other courier you prefer. I’m...
    $200 CAD
  6. Ninja 1000 Parts & Accessories
    Hey guys! Is anyone interested in selling this part? 99994-1576 /Ninja 1000 SX https://kawasaki-india.com/accessories-product/low-seat-4/
  7. For sale
    Anyone interested in my 2020 stock n1k seat? I got the reduced ergo seat so don’t really have any use for the stock seat. Message me if interested.
1-7 of 7 Results