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  1. Ninja 1000 General Discussion
    Looks like kawasaki just launched an all my rideology app. It’s not an update to the existing app (atleast in Canada). Now the wait for me until spring to actually see if it’s any better than the last version. Would love to hear feedback from anyone else who tries it.
  2. Ninja 1000 General Discussion
    to keep sane in long months of Lockdown I read all the Kawaski manuals to work out how to use the bike's various gadgets and rider controls. How does this Rideology app work ? I did a short "help wanted film" and then did an update when i got it to work, but what's the point of it when it does...
  3. Exhaust & Headers
    Hi guys new here. I've just passed my test and I'm getting to know my new ninja 650 krt. I've got a couple of issues with rideology. I'm shown as connected but: 1) the TFT shows my bike as a Z900 When it's not. 2) the rider mode is blanked out on the rideology app which means I can't...
1-3 of 3 Results