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  1. Ninja 1000 Issues and Troubleshooting
    Went for a ride tonight and the bike suddedly shut down 3 minutes into the ride. 2012 Ninja 1000 with 36k on. Just did the oil change full Synthetic. I dont understand what wnet wrong here I saw the red light right on the bike so I pulled over and the bike stopped. It won't start, you can ear...
  2. Ninja 1000 General Discussion
    So the other day I looked up the specs for my bike ( 2019 ninja zx 1000 ). Then I looked up the 2018 and 2020 and I can ONLY FIND sx models nothing else. The difference is my bike 200 HP and 113 Torque. And the other models 140 hp and 110 torque. Any one know why I can’t find a 2020 ninja zx1000...
1-2 of 2 Results