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  1. Ninja 1000 General Discussion
    I’m looking at purchasing a brand new 2023 Kawasaki ZX-10R with metallic grey paint. Base price is $17,399. I know the bike is equipped with Kawasaki’s KQS. Does this option include both UP and DOWN quick shifting (clutch-less shifting)? Or is quick DOWN shifting only available on the ZX-10R KRT...
  2. Ninja 1000 Service and Maintenance
    I just got some new boots and now I can barely fit my foot under the shifter pedal to up-shift. I see on other models that the pedal can be adjusted by loosening a lock bolt on either end of the linkage, but my 2021 Ninja 1000 SX has KQS and some wires attached to the shifter linkage. Its all...
  3. Ninja 1000 Issues and Troubleshooting
    Hi guys, I'm a relatively new rider here in Mountain View, CA. 300 miles under the belt on my 2021 Ninja 1000SX, but I have ridden motorcycles before. Back after a hiatus of a few years. So here's the issue: -> Start the bike -> Launch smoothly from 1 -> Speed is now ~15-20mph case 1 -> rev to...
  4. Ninja 1000 General Discussion
    I bought a 2020 1000sx last year with the bags installed and I love the bike. Being 6'2" and nearly as wide, I absolutely love having a sportbike I can log serious miles on comfortably and without a bookbag. It's my first bike so there isn't much insight I can offer aside from a thumbs up. But...
1-4 of 4 Results