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  1. For sale
    Stock exhaust from a 2020 N1K. Located in Burlington, Ontario. We can figure out shipping costs if anyone is interested
    $100 USD
  2. Ninja 1000 Parts & Accessories
    Does anyone know if the 2021 4-1 exhaust will fit onto a 2015 with the 4-2 exhaust? I prefer the 4-1 and if it is bolt up, I may just get an exhaust for a 2020/2021 for my 2015.
  3. Exhaust & Headers
    Hi, new to the forum. About to take delivery of the 2021 Ninja 1000sx Performance after a short gap between my last bike (2017 1000sx). With the bike coming with the Akro slip on, there is a company in Ormskirk who are selling a De-Cat link pipe. They have been great in responding to questions...
  4. Ninja 1000 Parts & Accessories
    Well just brought this baby home today. Now the parts list starts. Obviously tail light, levers exhaust, sliders, spools, etc... Problem... Can't find levers online, is it because it's 2020 or am i just not looking right?.. They are different levers than I've seen before. Usually I've gone...
1-4 of 4 Results