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TWO Ninja 1000's?

I have a 2018 Ninja 1000 I just bought. I Love the bike! I really like riding this for fun as a sport bike on weekends.

I also commute 30 miles a day 5 days a week to work. My present commuter bike is 12 year old VFR800 with 63k miles on it. I love the VFR and it has been reliable. But every time I ride the VFR I wish I was on the Ninja. But I hate the idea of taking my brand stinkin' new Ninja 1000 to work, letting it sit and bake under the hot sun, dust, moisture, rain, outside while my old VFR sits in the garage! So now I'm thinking I want an older Ninja 1000 or equivalent as my daily commuter. Something just as fast (or faster) than my Ninja. Something as much fun (or more) than my N1000 to take to work. Yet this bike should somehow not make me feel guilty beating on it to and from work daily because it's half as much or less than my 2018. I thought....5-7+ year old CBR1000rr, or GSXR1000....etc. They're out there but even 20k miles these super sport bikes are in the $7k+ price range. So why not get a second, older Ninja 1000 right? I've been shopping around and this seems very logical to me from a financial standpoint and I know I like the performance and looks already. (I haven't told the wife yet she will have a cow but meh.....I already have the cash I saved from years of toiling away at my pesky desk job so it's not her decision)

I know some of you good folks have gone down this road and own two Ninja 1000's. Any advice? Is this just a passing fancy for a new Ninja 1000 owner? Should I get something else? It has to be used because the insurance on a new bike is killer. So is registration here in socialist state of CA! It has to be equal or better than the Ninja 1000 performance. No Harleys or European bikes because I want reliability. Sorry but Ducatis and BMW just aren't reliable enough and are VERY expensive to maintain. Harley's are too slow and heavy.
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If you're going to have one bike that you don't ride much, then European bikes should be considered.

Japanese bikes are meant to sit out in the sun and get beat on. European bikes are mean to get rubbed with a diaper, parked in the living room with a spot light shining on them, and rode once a week, promptly cleaned right after.

Or if you have to have a 2nd ninja 1000, make it a H2 SX then.

Bottom line, no need to fill your garage up with relatively boring N1k's. Do something fun.
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Two Ninjas might be a good idea. When the older one wears out, you can use it as parts bike for the newer one.
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Look for a first generation 2011 ~ 2013. These respond very well to a few mods and make more power than the following years, partly due to a different camshaft. One of these with a full exhaust, modified airbox and Ivans flash will make in the low 140's for horsepower and low 80's in the rear wheel. It will also pull very strong at lower rpm. Mild suspension mods really improve the handling too and I can hang with the sport bike crowd in the twisties with no problem. I ride my 2013 primarily as a sport bike with the occasional four or five day road trip thrown in. You should be able to pick up one of these on the cheap.

Like you I considered getting another Ninja 1000 in addition to my current bike, but a new one for touring duty. I did not get the hard bags with my 2013. The new bike with all of it's upgrades since 2013 and excellent hard bags is attractive to me since I an now retired and want to do more touring and extended road trips. Also looking at the Tracer GT from Yamaha.

2013 Ninja 1000.....Osram Nightbreakers, Pazzo levers, Vesrah pads, Puig screen, R&G frame sliders / case covers / axle protector, Sargent seat, PC5 with Ivans fuel map and ECU reflash, Akrapovic full exhaust, forks and shock rebuilt by Traxxion Dynamics.

2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT.....ECU reflashed by Ivan.
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If this is for your own piece of mind then by all means go for it. Many times its impossible to put into words why we do things.

If its to try and preserve the Ninja, Im not sure it makes sense. If it makes sense, I would ask "Preserve what?" Theres no doubt a bike thats left in your garage will probably look better in five years, but how much more will it be worth? Probably not a lot. Probably not enough to buy an insure and extra ninja 100 type machine. Also, with new Ninja having the cornering abs and high end traction control do you want to be without that on the commute?

You said the supersports you saw sell for are in the 7+ price range. If thats the range it will be a long time before those bikes were selling for less than 5.

If I did this I think I would look at a Suzuki gsxs or f model. Similar idea as the ninja, but different enough to be fun.
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You seem to be very price conscious so anything H2 is out the window. I agree with Mark, get an early model N1k. Can probably get a good one for under $7k and it will run forever. And I agree a GSXS would be a good 2nd choice, but I don't know how many used ones are out there.

15' N1K - Akropovic, Ivan's Tune, Puig Short for summer, V-Stream Tall for winter, Gear Indicator, Memory Foam Seat
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Johnnymark, thanks for the in depth analysis of the '11-'13 because that's around where I'm currently looking.

RCannon, yes I think we're on the same page here (like minds think alike?). I'm not trying to preserve anything. Just for my own sanity. I'll beat on my 2018 when I'm ready to beat on it. As for the more advanced rider aids on my commute, not really an issue. ABS would be nice but not necessary. I've been commuting since 2001 on raw, non-assisted liter+ bikes and less powerful machines. Not saying I will never need it, but I mitigate the risk by just being pro-active. I hope to never need it but I won't turn down an ABS equipped bike. Nevertheless I won't turn down a non-ABS equipped bike either. So I'm neutral in regards to that.

Yes I've considered the gSXS1000f. Test rode it before I chose the N1k. It definitely ticks all the right boxes for me except for one, very glaring box: looks! The GSXS1000f looks like a scooter to me! I just can't get over that and I'll have to live with it if I bought this bike. The naked one is so much better looking. The F model is like marrying a woman who's a great cook, knocks my socks off in bed, makes a ton of money and buys me toys, but she's kind of ugly. I just can't! LOL! Compared to the ANY N1k, the GSXS1000f just looks like Big Bird with skinny legs. If I find a naked one though for the price I'm shopping at now that will change my decision.

Burtcaster & Zaph, yes I'm very price conscious. I having one moving violation and my insurance wants to charge me an extra $700/year on my 2018 N1k! That and vehicle registration in California is EXPENSIVE! Don't ask me how much it is for the Ninja. My 12 year old VFR800 is $200/year to renew registration so extrapolate that on a 2018 Ninja 1000! So I need to be financially crafty to make this evil plan work by keeping the purchase price down. European bikes are out of the picture. Too high maintenance, nowhere near as reliable, and parts availability sucks. Looked at an Aprilia Tuono 1100...$1500/12k miles for major service. No thank you. Monster 1200....on the same boat and Ducati won't even sell you a Service Manual (they want you to take it to dealer). BMW S1000r....doesn't have a great reliability record. A good friend has a 2017...had to get it towed back to dealer after 3k miles for transmission problem recall. Then now engine is making some godawful racket at idle; like valvetrain related. No thank you. My other good friend has a 2018 Triumph 765rs, which I really liked after test riding. He low sided it...seemingly minor damage but it took, are you ready? 3 months to get all the parts from Triumph. So he had no bike to ride for 3 months while the bike sat waiting! Nice bikes though and yes, loaded to the brim with features and very fast.

Whether or not get another N1k, if nothing changes I'll be commuting on the VFR800 with no rider intervention, a shrinking parts availability as many parts are now being discontinued by Honda, and I'm just plain getting tired and bored with it. It may be "just" a commuter bike but I enjoy my commute as much as I do my weekend rides.
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The insurance alone on the 2nd bike will pay for a few fun mods. Just ride the 2018 like you stole it.
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Originally Posted by Zaph View Post
If you're going to have one bike that you don't ride much, then European bikes should be considered.

Japanese bikes are meant to sit out in the sun and get beat on. European bikes are mean to get rubbed with a diaper, parked in the living room with a spot light shining on them, and rode once a week, promptly cleaned right after.

Not trying to argue one way or the other about owning a 2nd bike. I owned 2 bikes for the OP's same reasons and it just didn't work out for me. It made much more financial sense to just own one and add/remove the bags as needed depending on what I was doing with it at that particular time.

Now... having previously owned a Triumph Sprint ST in the past that I owned for 8 years and put over 50k miles on it, I disagree with the above statement. That Sprint was ridden extensively and definitely not babied. It was a fantastic bike that served me well and saw about 2/3 of the country. I had one problem with it the entire time I owned it and it was an easy fix (throttle position sensor). I still miss that bike.

Just sayin'

Scott in Omaha, NE
2015 Ninja 1000 - Metallic Sparkle Black and Copper
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Another way for me to justify (to myself) why I want to get a 2nd bike is...I already have this second bike (VFR800) that I want to replace. So having only one bike is not something I'm considering at the moment. Maybe when I retire in a million years or so. LOL!
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