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Top 10 Best Things About Riding To Laguna Seca
Jul 20, 2016 - 12:58 PM - by

This is merely my subjective list of 10 good things, but there are really no bad things about riding those few hundred miles from MO’s SoCal headquarters to the Monterey peninsula; blasting over a few mountain ranges, making time up the spine, toasting the coast. Mother Nature pulled out all the stops in the scenery department, the weather’s perfect, we wangled six great bikes (more on them next week). The fact that it’s a World Superbike and MotoAmerica race weekend is really just a bonus.
Read more about the Top 10 Best Things About Riding To Laguna Seca at
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The Best Motorcycle Helmets
Jul 18, 2016 - 4:12 PM - by

At we strive to research and test all of the latest bikes and gear. Over the past two decades, our experienced staff has developed a keen sense of quality and a critical eye for proper functionality. Because helmets are easily the most crucial safety item for any rider, we wouldn’t even consider riding without one, and since we spend so much time testing motorcycles all over the world we tend to spend a lot of time inside a lot of different helmets.

This experience has helped us understand what makes a truly great helmet. Although it may seem obvious to the most experienced riders out there, we also realize that picking the best helmets out of today’s large sea of choices may not be so easy for everyone else. It is for that very reason that we’ve prepared this guide to help you pick the best helmets for your riding lifestyle.
Read more about The Best Motorcycle Helmets at
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What Would You Have Done: Lane Merging Edition
Jul 07, 2016 - 12:00 PM - by

As motorcyclists, we’re all too familiar with car drivers merging into our lanes, seemingly blind to the fact we’re occupying the lane they are trying to merge into. But what’s proper etiquette when a two-lane road turns into one? Which order should vehicles in a double-file line let each other into a single-file line? Whatever your answer, it’s probably not what this woman was thinking as she comes from behind this motorcyclist and co-occupies the lane he’s in. He then gets upset, honks the horn a few times, gives the driver a quick lesson in merging, calls her a choice expletive then rides on.

Normally that’s where a story like this would end. Instead, he spots a police officer up ahead, flags him down, and sticks him on the car driver.
Read more about the What Would You Have Done: Lane Merging Edition at
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Rule #57: Do Not Ride Behind Morons
Jun 30, 2016 - 11:41 AM - by

You know better than to ride around trucks any longer than absolutely necessary, but a far more insidious danger is the unprofessional vacationista whose load-securing skills are often primitive. Whenever you see somebody towing a boat, a trailer, or especially a boat or a trailer with a bunch of other junk strapped onto or around it, expect this to happen and ride accordingly, i.e., nowhere around it. Especially not behind it. That goes double for the bane of Southern California motorists, the gardening truck, which is often a rolling obstacle course of weedwackers, rakes, and aluminum ladders yearning to break free. If you see someone holding a mattress to his roof with one hand out the window, know you’ll be the one most likely to take a nap if you’re silly enough to ride behind him

This rider got back up; we wish him a speedy recovery.
Read more about Rule #57: Do Not Ride Behind Morons at
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A Little Trick To Help Your Battery Last Longer
Jun 29, 2016 - 5:16 PM - by

If you’re meticulous about your motorcycle maintenance, your battery could last you upwards of a decade. However, battery manufacturers estimate most batteries have a useful life of anywhere between 2 – 5 years on average depending on type (lithium vs lead acid), care, and riding conditions, among many other factors.

One way you can help prolong the life of your battery is with the use of a battery insulator. This particular insulator is from BikeMaster, but there are many like it. BikeMaster claims this one can withstand and protect batteries from radiant heat up to 2,000º Fahrenheit while also protecting batteries from vibrations. Since it’s basically a sleeve for your battery, installation takes hardly any brain power, and it can fit most top- or side-mounted batteries.
Read more about A Little Trick To Help Your Battery Last Longer at
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